What We Teach

High School Highlights

Christian Community School’s serves 6th – 12th grade students who progressively move towards becoming the ideal CCS graduate as a result of their lower and middle school experiences laying the foundation for Christian leadership in the world.

At this time of growth and significant change, students are challenged to accept personal responsibility for their continued development. A balance between staff-supported guidance and student independence is paramount. Our goal is to prepare students to be successful by helping them understand that they are accountable for their daily interactions; academically, socially, and spiritually.

We challenge our students to expand their language skills, historical and geographical perspective, political differences, and the influences of faith as it interacts with culture.

  • Biblically integrated curriculum
  • Creation-based science program
  • Monthly chapel
  • Service projects
  • Strong reading program
  • Emphasis on written communication through Creative Writing Workshop
  • IXL Math and Language
  • Reading Plus