What We Teach

Elementary Highlights

At CCS we believe in a hands-on, creative, and caring learning environment infused with biblical worldview teaching. We place great emphasis on rigorous academic inquiry, making extensive use of information technology in the classroom.

CCS’s nurturing teachers challenge the students to do their best while exploring God’s world full of promises and ideas. Teachers provide whole group, small group, and individual instruction to meet all students’ learning needs and bring out the best in each one of them. 

Strong language arts, math, science and social studies programs in first through fifth grade enable students to develop meaningful connections while understanding these concepts in the context of God’s world.

  • Biblically integrated curriculum
  • Creation-based science program
  • Chapel
  • Emphasis on written communication through Creative Writing Workshop
  • Strong phonics-based language arts and reading program
  • A strong problem solving, manipulative driven math curriculum
  • Fine Arts focus through music and art classes
  • IXL Math and Language
  • Reading Plus
  • Learning without Tears (Keyboarding and Handwriting Without Tears)